Monday, January 18, 2010

Catchy Slogans For Eating Healthy What Is A Catchy Slogan For Healthy Eating?

What is a catchy slogan for healthy eating? - catchy slogans for eating healthy

heyy, I need a catchy slogan on healthy eating and should be short, thanx

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  1. 1. Made with 100% juice

    Fruit juice is healthy, where the motto can be difficult. According to the statement, 'done', which means that it contains 100% juice. This statement does not apply to the claim "pure juice at 100 percent. So it would be 1 tablespoon of juice, this statement is still true.

    Yes, but the product may interact with other ingredients such as water and sugar and are more accurately called to drink. "

    2. No preservatives

    I've heard this place in an advertisement for Coca-Cola. I had to laugh out loud. Certainly not think soda is healthy.

    Soft drinks are made with phosphoric acid. This very acidic means that condoms are not necessary.

    The acid-base also causes a physiological reaction. The organization will do its utmost to keep the pH balance. Therefore, the acid must be neutralized.

    Just because a product is no guarantee of preserving the crown of a healthy diet.

    3. No artificial coloring orFlavorings

    That's good. Just make sure that this is not the only one to say what is good about the product.

    An example would be flour. Here, the color will be white stripped. Also lost nutrients and fiber.

    4. Trans fatty acids

    At first glance, it looks good. But check the label to ensure that the hydrogenated oils used.

    Trans fats are a byproduct of the hydrogenation. Order is not so, then remove the oil in good health. This is not quite so harmful.

    5. No added sugar

    Please, if you are a label, look no further. Fruit juices can be used to sweeten. However, do not want artificial sweeteners or corn syrup, high fructose.

    6. Better taste

    Ok. Thus, what used for this purpose. MSG is a flavor enhancer, the highly processed foods in is widespread and used in restaurants. Remember that healthy foods do not have the best flavor.

    7. Strengthened with ...

    Many products have been enriched by a year. Iodine is added toSalt. Vitamins added to flour and cereal box.

    However, this practice has now spread more than a round of Propaganda for a healthy diet. You can even water enriched.

    These products use natural vitamins. It would be prohibitively expensive. The best way to get nutrients is through a balanced diet.

    8. Enhanced ...

    This would replace the nutrients lost during the process.

    Ok, that's a good sign that you can afford to healthier products.

    If the treatment is so difficult to lose with the meal, rather than apart from a few trace elements were also lost.

    9. Made with whole wheat flour

    100% wheat, is their preferred choice of wheat. However, the statement is not entitled to 100%. Therefore, other elements could be used.

    Check the label to ensure that no flour or wheat flour is listed. In this case, would not the value of whole grain bread to 100%. Wheat flour is another name for flour andFlour is not everything.

    10. Kid Approved

    Big guys like him. Now read the label. My children eat almost everything that was fun and sweet. The ingredients happen to your control?

    Healthy eating requires a little eye "Eagle". Check whether the claims against the commercialization of what is printed on the label. With a little practice, you will also slogans, the smile of the day.

    RU What U eat friend